Greg Crawford is a self-taught artist. His professional career began
when he sold a cartoon about the Beatles to the Saturday Evening Post
in 1964. He was still a junior in high school, and at the time, the
youngest artist to ever sell a piece to the Post.

His career path was such that he was called upon to draw many
different things in many different styles and media. His interests are
many and varied as well, so specializing in any one subject, style, or
medium just goes against his grain. He is disinclined to accept the
limitations of specialization, and thus, this portfolio reflects his
desire to explore the many and varied avenues in the worlds of both
fine art, and commercial art.

While his preferred medium is watercolor, he is perfectly comfortable
working in Illustrator®, oils, acrylics, pastels, colored pencils,
3-dimensional art, or crayons. He is rarely asked to work in crayons.

It is tempting to expound at length on the subjects of illustration,
cartoons, and graphic design, but it is better to let the work speak
for itself.



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